The following terms and conditions apply for all offers and sales in our web site

Laborda E.E.i SL Division E-Shop

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Sant Cugat del Valles

08190 Barcelona


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1- The order form has a link to these General terms, as well as information about the main characteristics of every ítem selected and about the correspondentt Price per unit. (including all expenses and appplicable  taxes )the payment system used for the purchase, the delivery conditions for the ítems purchased, the delivery prices and the reference to the terms and conditions on the retunr of the ítems.


2- An order will be considered as “placed” when Laborda recieves your order form and once the information in it has been proved correct.


3-Before submitting your order form you will be asked to carefully read the Terms and Conditions, print a copy using the print option, and keep or ask for a copy for your personal use.


4 -The order form will be stored in our database for the period of time necessary to process your order and according to legal dispositions. You can access yor order form from the “Your Account” section or trhough our Customer Service- A copy of the electronich documents  related to the conclussion of the contact will be kept for the time prescibed by t he civil and fiscal regulations.


5 –In the case of Laborda not being able to accept a whole order, accepting only a part of it, the customer has the right to cancel according to our Shipping and Retunr policy.


Labordawill not process any order which solvency is not ensured, if they are incomplete or incorrect, ori f the ítems are not available. In any of these cases we will e-mail the customer indicating that the contract has not been executed, and that Laborda has not confirmed your ordero, toghether with an explanation on the reasons. Apart from that, Laborda cannot giver further explanation related to availability, so, once your order has been examined, we will e-mail you if any of the ítems is not available.

Except as provided in the General terms, it is considered that the actual order is intended for Sales Services, divisible, different and by economical units of as many ítems ordered, as expresely decided between the Customer and Laborda, resending the same order and accepting it; thus, in case the order is sent partially and limited to some of the ítems due to the non availability of some item, or to any other justified reason alien to Laborda’s will, with the resending of the current order the Customer declares their interest and consents to the partial execution of the order (the rest of the order) which will in NO case rejectedor cancelled  by the customer.